Colour Unlimited Magnetic Polish

My boyfriend’s sister recently recommended that I try out Magnetic polish, but at the time I was mid way through the uni term and I was low on polish funds! So I was thrilled to see Colour Unlimited’s magnetic polish in my Christmas stocking!


I have already used this a few times and it gets easier with practice, but surprisingly I found this polish very difficult to use! The Polish itself was easy to apply, the problems I had were with the magnet part of the application. When using the magnet it was easy to come in contact with the nail leaving marks and smudging, a few times I re-applied the polish, but eventually I gave up and thought it was best to show you all what happened 9 times out of 10! You can see on the photo above that the magnet is covered with polish and on the photo below my middle finger nail has a blob where the magnet actually fell out of the holder!


The other problem I had with the polish was that once the polish dried, the pattern had virtually disappeared which was really disappointing. Some of the nails I really liked but overall I won’t be rushing to use this particular polish again, maybe a more expensive brand such as Barry M would be better.



Have you used magnetic polish? I’d love to try out a different brand, so leave your recommendations in the comments box!

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