Real Feather Manicure!

So I thought, while I’m taking suggestions for Strictly Come Dancing #5, I’ll do a brand new manicure and today it’s a real feather manicure!

I first saw this manicure on The Nailasaurus Blog and I fell in love with it, mines nowhere near as good as Sammy’s but It was a first attempt and I’m pretty pleased with them!

I used Rimmel 60 Seconds ‘At Ease’ as the base coat, and my Rimmel 5-in-1 Top Coat to finish the look. The Top Coat looks a bit lumpy on the photos, but in real life its hardly noticeable!




Oh and I thought I’d try something a little different and take my photos with my fingerless faux fur gloves on, they’re so soft and the manicure looks gorgeous on top of the fur!

Has anyone got any tips on making the feather manicure look neater?

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2 thoughts on “Real Feather Manicure!

  1. This is so high on my to-do list I think real feather manis are awesome! Yours look fantastic girl!! 🙂

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