Gradient Polka Dot Mani

Last week I got some new dotting tools, YAY! I’ve been trying to come up with a design all week so I could use them, but nothing.. Until today!

I decided to do a gradient polka dot design, because I really need to practice the gradient manicure!

Gradient can be really messy, so before I get on to the manicure I wanted to show you the difference between taped and untaped fingers and how taping your fingers can help with the cleanup!


The taped finger is on the left and you can see the difference between the mess! I always tape my fingers when doing gradient nails because sponging makes cleaning up a nightmare! And I know the manicure looks really bad right now, but it will look better, trust me!



The polishes I used are:

Rimmel 60 Seconds in ‘Grey Matter’

Strictly Come Dancing Collection in ‘Feisty’


So as you can now see the manicure is complete and looks great now, think I’m beginning to get the hang of gradient nails! Its all about having a great top coat on standby!

What do you think of gradient mixed with polka dots, is it a good combination?

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2 thoughts on “Gradient Polka Dot Mani

  1. Wow this is totally awesome! I love gradients and the fading dots make it SO cool! 🙂

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