Glitter Skittles!

Finally had that much needed inspiration, however I couldn’t decide what pattern to do on my nails, so I thought ‘Why not do all of them?!’. So I came up with these pink glitter and black skittles and I’m really happy with them!


To do this manicure I used my Calvin Klein ‘Ebony Hates Chris’ and one of my new polishes Xplode ‘Pink Glitter’


This manicure is a bit rough round the edges, but it was just something quick to cover my naked nails!

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2 thoughts on “Glitter Skittles!

  1. OMG that pink glitter *swoon* I can’t even get over it! LOL Love the skittles I keep wanting to try some but I’m so OCD it’s not even funny -_- Haha! Gorgeous!! 🙂

    • sophbabesss says:

      Sometimes I just can’t decide which pattern I like the most so I have to do them all! Haha! Thank you, as a student I like to promote nail art on a budget and that glitter at 70p was a bargain! 🙂

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