Water Marble!

I’ve done a few of these before and always loved the effect, however I never took any photo that were good enough to post on here, so I did a simple water marble using one of my new polishes Collection 2000 Hot Looks in ‘Catwalk’. Its a beautiful, shimmery green that I’ve never seen before and the formula makes it perfect for water marbling!

Along with Catwalk I used my Avon Nailwear Pro+ in ‘Licorice’ because any colour goes with black, and I love how the Marble looks like zebra stripes!



These photos don’t really show off the colour of the polish, but I took this one with flash on and it looks even more unusual and gorgeous! (The quality of my the picture isn’t so great because it was taken on my phone, and my fingers look awful because i hadn’t cleaned up properly yet! oops!)


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2 thoughts on “Water Marble!

  1. Love water marble!! This one reminds me of a zebra which makes me love it so much more!! LOL And what a beautiful color! I love polishes like that where you can only see certain colors at certain angles. Super pretty lady!! 🙂

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