Broken Nails

So today I split a nail, really badly 😦 It comes at the worst possible time for me starting the Pre Spring Nail Challenge but I remembered a solution that I saw on Youtube once, so I’m going to share it with you. (This is only a temporary fix!)


Excuse the photo quality, my camera didn’t want to focus on the break, which is annoying, but you can see how bad the split is and how far down the nail it is, which would make it difficult and painful to remove 😦

So the first step in the process is to get a teabag, yes a teabag, and cut it open to remove all the tea leaf. Then cut the empty teabag to fit your nail, as shown below.


Apply a clear top coat to the nail and while the top coat is still wet place on the section of teabag, pressing down with a cuticle pusher to smooth out the wrinkles. (Make sure the teabag fully covers the split!)


Once the teabag is firmly in place, apply one more layer of topcoat over the entire nail.


You may need to apply more than one coat to smooth the nail and then you’re ready to paint!


Excuse the messiness of the paint, I haven’t cleaned up, but you can see that the teabag is not visible under 1 layer of polish. This should last for a couple of polish changes too, but if it doesn’t its easy to re-apply.

I hope you have found this post useful!

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