Pre Spring Challenge Day 10


So I had a little look on Pinterest for some inspiration for ice cream, because believe it or not I don’t eat a lot of ice cream! Anyway, I found this adorable picture! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius, its so cute!!


I created 2 accent nails with the bear face design on and the rest symbolised the ice cream cone.


I used 2 polishes from the Strictly Come Dancing Collection ‘Unrequited’ and ‘Sophistication’ for the cone nails and for the base of the accent nail I used Avon Colourtrend in ‘Peekaboo’. For the detail I used Technic Nail Art Polish in white and Avon Nailwear pro+ in ‘Licorice’.


Not sure if the accent nails really look like the face of a bear, probably because there’s not ears, but I still think they’re cute! What about you guys?

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2 thoughts on “Pre Spring Challenge Day 10

  1. Oh my goodness – completely adorable!!

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