Pre Spring Challenge Day 13

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten day 12, but I got in a bit of a muddle about which day was which and ended up doing the wrong manicure!

So here’s day 13 instead of 12 and it’s SPONGING!

So I thought instead of doing the usual gradient manicure, I’d make a change and do some glitter sponging instead, I find sponging the easiest way to apply sparse glitter polish because you get more glitter!


I really struggle to get my camera to like blue and purple, they’re not its favourite colours, especially with it being so dark outside at the moment! But if you want to see a more realistic view of this colour you can find it here.

The polishes I used are:

Technic Pretty Pastels in ‘Lilac’

Colour Unlimited Gold Glitter (No Name)



I love glitter on my nails, it adds a bit of sparkle to my day! I hope I’ve added some sparkle to your day! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Pre Spring Challenge Day 13

  1. Amanda Nason says:

    You’ve made my day sparkle : )

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