Napkin Nails!

I stumbled across this idea when watching Naio Nails UK’s acrylic nails tutorial which you can see here. I figured that if you could do that with acrylic nails, why not try it on regular nails!

I was in Hobby Craft and found these really cute gingham napkins on 3-for-2 so I bought purple, black and red and I thought I’d try the purple first!


All you do is take the top layer of the napkin, so that all you have is the pattern and stick it to your nail with a layer of top coat, then keep applying the top coat until the nail is smooth. Of course I then used my Rimmel Matte Finish top coat because I love the matte look! For the black detail I used Calvin Klein in ‘Ebony Hates Chris’.



One thing I have learnt from doing this is that I definitely need to use a white polish underneath the napkin because you can’t see the pattern very clearly.

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2 thoughts on “Napkin Nails!

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love the inspiration for this nail design.

    – KW

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