31 Day Challenge – Day 5

First of all guys I am so sorry for the lack of post this weekend, not only did I have important Uni coursework to deal with, but with Mother’s day and my Mum’s Birthday its been a crazy weekend!

Of course this won’t be happening again, I promise! πŸ™‚

But onto the challenge.. BLUE!


So for this mani I couldn’t decide on what blue to wear, so I chose all of them! This is a kind of stripy, blue, gradient thing I guess! It looks great and has stayed chip proof all weekend, so I’m a very happy bunny! Another great thing about this manicure is that it gives the illusion of long nails!


The polishes I used for this look (darkest to lightest) are:

H&M Nail Polish in ‘Purple’ (But I think it looks more blue than purple!)

17 Lasting Fix Polish in ‘Sea Breeze’

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in ‘Blue Bath’

Technic Nail Art Polish in ‘White’


Hope this makes up for the lack of post guys!

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2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge – Day 5

  1. I really love this! Great job! πŸ™‚

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