Two posts in one day, lucky you! Its only because I’m really excited to show you the new polishes I treated myself to this weekend!

The bet thing about it is that they all cost £1 each!

In the town where I live there is a weekly market and one of the stalls sells discount cosmetics at amazing prices! All that is wrong with the products is damaged packaging or they’re just end of the line polishes! I’ve always walked past thinking that the quality of the polishes must be poor but I thought I’d try it and I’m very pleasantly surprised.


I found it hard to believe that all of these only cost £1 each, especially the NYC polishes!

From left to right they are:

‘Lazy Sundae’ – Pearly, shimmery white.

‘West Village’ – Navy blue with a purple shimmer.

‘Lexington Yellow’ – Buttery, pastel yellow.


The other two polishes that I purchased from the market stall are these:

LM Nail Polish (Not Named) – Bright, Sunflower yellow.

Maybelline Ultra Lasting Polish in ‘Racing Green’ – Metallic, shimmery, mossy green.


The Technic polishes below are from Bodycare and they were only 99p! Bodycare is my go to place for a cheap polish fix!

From left to right they are:

(Pretty Pastels) Moonlit Jade – Pastel perfect mint.

Carnival – Pink, green, blue and silver glitter.


So next time you walk past your local market, stop by and look for bargain nail polish! Which is your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “NEW POLISH ALERT!

  1. Craftynail says:

    I almost bought that yellow NYC polish last nite! I picked it up and then put it back. Not sure why. There was a 30% off sale- I shoulda bought it! Now I’m jealous LOL

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