31 Day Challenge – Day 15


I have just ordered a Konad stamp because I have lots of Konad plates but no stamp to be able to use them! I thought that this would be the perfect use of the stamps to create a delicate print however the stamp didn’t turn up in the post today so I had to think of something a bit different!

So instead of a delicate pattern, what about something delicate on my nails, like real flowers!



This is not a practical manicure because the pressed flowers are very fragile, but I think it’s really pretty and definitely delicate! The base colour is Collection 2000 Hot Looks ‘Catwalk’ and it’s one of my favourite shades šŸ™‚




To create this look take your pressed flowers and chose some small petals that fit the nail. Apply 2 coats of base colour then a layer of top coat. While the top coat is still tacky, lift the flowers with tweezers and gently press them on to the nail.

I think this look would be great for a wedding with a pale base colour, what do you guys think of this manicure?

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2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge – Day 15

  1. This is very cool and unique! I haven’t seen anything quite like it! Great job!

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