31 Day Challenge – Day 19


I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, so I’m super excited to show you guys! Its a typical galaxy/nebula manicure, but I always thought they looked so cool and its the first one I’ve ever done!


I experimented with the colours I chose for the accent nebula nails but the base for all the nails is two coats of NYC ‘West Village’. For the accent nails I sponged NYC ‘Lexington Yellow’ in a random swathe followed by Colour Unlimited Pink Polish (no name). I used Lexington Yellow because its a pastel polish and I wanted a more muted galaxy effect, but that’s purely preference and any yellow or pink would work well. 🙂

Once I’d let the yellow and pink dry I sponged NYC ‘Lazy Sundae’ on the edges of the yellowish pink swirl to blend the colours. Lazy Sundae has a shimmery effect which looks really pretty over a dark polish like West Village.

Then with my white Technic nail art polish I made small dots and splodges over the design with some crosses to look like bright stars. I was really pleased with the nails at this stage, but they didn’t have the twinkle of the stars in the night sky so I applied Avon Colour trend Glitter top coat in ‘Silver Plated’ randomly across my nail, making sure the distribution of the glitter was uneven.

On the other three nails I sponged the excess colour so that the design looked like clouds and stars in the sky. I finished all the nails with a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top coat.



What do you guys think of the galaxy nails trend?

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3 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge – Day 19

  1. Craftynail says:

    I haven’t tried it yet! Yours came out coool!

  2. Gotta love galaxies manicures! It’s beautiful 🙂

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