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Hey everyone!

As you may already know I have been having some issues this week regarding a camera that I don’t have so I can’t take photos of my manicures, BIG problem! Thankfully, Charlotte from Pocket Money Polishes has written me a wonderful guest post!

Normal blogging will resume shortly, but for now, here’s Charlotte’s post!


Hello Swatchaholic Lovelies,
Pocket Money Polishes has taken control of this blog today thanks to a technical mishap, regularly scheduled programming will be returning soon but for now I have a manicure for you.
Whilst out food shopping a George polish slipped from the shelf into my basket, don’t you hate when that happens? The sneaky polish is called Octopus and it is a dark khaki colour with a subtle blue shimmer (so subtle you can only really catch it in certain lights, but it does add depth to the polish. I applied 2 coats of this to all but my ring finger and allowed to dry. Now khaki makes me think of camouflage and I did consider attempting to follow one of the great tutorials that are out there in the blogosphere but since I was on a tight deadline I decided it better to keep things simple.
I added simple round silver studs to my ring and thumb finger – they remind me of military jackets. You can get hold of studs from various places online but mine were part of a nail art wheel that I bought in River Island for £3.50.
For my pinkie and index finger I used scrunched up cling film to dapple on some BarryM Foil Effects Silverand then on top of that layer dabbed on some more Octopus to blend it in a bit more.
My ring finger is another untried I had sitting on the shelf, W7 Cosmic Green. This is a glittery bottle of goodness with light green, gold, silver and turquoise glitter. I achieved fairly good coverage in 3 thin coats but added a little extra to the few bald spots I had. These bald spots would probably been unnoticeable had I used a base colour. This finger’s polish is a little chunky in places but nothing I can’t live with. I decided not to top coat this nail because I like the texture of the glitter and the rest of the nails were pretty glossy. It’s all about the contrasts. I tried to take some pictures with plain swatch fingers to try and capture the shimmer for you but it just didn’t work.
I am really happy with the consistency and application of both of these polishes, Octopus was especially easy to work with. It does mark fairly easily, similar to the BarryM Gelly polishes but nothing a bit of top coat and some patience waiting for it to dry properly won’t prevent.
I think that Cosmic Green is going to be great for next St Patty’s day!
edit145 copy
On a serious note, I want to send some thoughts to those in Boston. I don’t want to end on a sad note so I shall leave it at that.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my guest post, please do feel free to drop by PocketMoneyPolishes and see what I am up to when not invading other blogs. Actually, I’m currently in the middle of a 30 day challenge which I hope goes some way to explaining the poor state of my cuticles who are suffering massive remover abuse at the moment. Eeep. Any tips on rescuing sad little fingers? What do you think of Octopus and Cosmic Green? Let me know!
I really recommend you check out Charlotte’s blog at Pocket Money Polishes, She’s a new blogger with a lot of talent and a wonderful person for getting me out of a sticky situation! Thanks Charlotte, I owe you one! 😉
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