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31 Day Challenge – Day 25

Almost done! I know I haven’t been on top form recently, well, for a few weeks now, but I’m determined to get back on track with my blogging. The blogging community is so great, and I’ve had so much support from you guys during this time s thank you all!

Back to the challenge with ‘Inspired by FASHION’

I really love fashion and for this challenge I wanted to pick up on a trend that is such a classic and so simple to recreate!


Colour blocking is a style that is always on trend, it never goes out of fashion!


The reason I love colour blocking, especially for nail art because its simple and you can chose any colours you want! I love picking colours that don’t normally go, the ones I’ve chosen for this mani are three Strictly Come Dancing polishes ‘Feisty’ (pink), ‘Sophistication’ (brown) and ‘Judged’ (green). I wouldn’t normally put these colours together but the addition of the white acrylic paint really makes the manicure pop!


I just wanted to show you what has happened to my acrylic paint, it started off fairly smooth as you can see in the first picture, but as it dried you can see it cracked a lot and started peeling. I was reluctant to put top coat on it because I didn’t want to drag the paint across my nails. Has anyone got any tips for stopping acrylic cracking?

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31 Day Challenge – Day 23 and 24

I have to admit to you guys that I’ve really been putting off doing these days of the challenge because I find it really hard to think of inspiration for this stuff. I apologize for the lack of posts as well, I’ve been having a hard time with some personal issues lately not to mention uni coursework, but I’m going to try and blog my way through it from now on. Continue reading

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My Instagram Manicures

About a month ago I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and I have to admit that I am slightly addicted!

Instead of a full manicure post today I thought I’d do something a little different and show you some of the mani’s I post on Instagram, that you might not have seen on my blog!

PicMonkey Collage

My posts range from my favorite mani’s from my blog, experimental mani’s and simple swatches!

Here are my favourite instagram manicures..

PicMonkey Collage2

I post general stuff from my life too, like my dogs and the things I’m wearing, but as you can see I do post a lot of pictures of my nails and often there are sneak previews and manicures never seen before!

If you’re interested, follow me on Instagram @sophbabesss!

Regular posting will resume tomorrow, I’m just super busy with my coursework deadline approaching, sorry guys!

Soph xx

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Guest Post #2 – Brijit’s Digits

Hey everyone!

So I’ve invited the lovely Brijit from Brijit’s Digits to write a guest post for me this week as I’ve been in and out of uni trying to get my last piece of coursework finished before I leave!

She’s been an absolute life saver and written me a great tutorial that you should all try out (I’m going to try this as soon as I finish the 31 day challenge!) Enjoy! Continue reading

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31 Day Challenge – Day 21

The first of the ‘Inspired by..’ days. Some of these are really tough, especially this one ‘Inspired by a Colour’.

I kind of just assumed that I can do anything for this, so I was inspired by the neon theme which seems to be occurring a lot in manicures at the moment.


The polish I used is a Colour Unlimited un-named polish, but its a neon coral type colour which doesn’t really show on these photos. After 2 coats I painted a houndstooth pattern using black acrylic paint.



My first attempt at houndstooth and using acrylic paint and I’m pretty pleased with it, I think I just need some more practice!

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Return of the 31 Day Challenge – Day 20

So after my hectic week of forgetting my camera and stressing about my life in general, its back to normal business!


I really like water marble and I’ve done quite a few in my nail art time, but they are by no means easy or clean!

This is not the cleanest of manicures I have ever done, but I love the colours and the messiness did wear off after the next day!


Continue reading

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Guest Post – Pocket Money Polishes

Hey everyone!

As you may already know I have been having some issues this week regarding a camera that I don’t have so I can’t take photos of my manicures, BIG problem! Thankfully, Charlotte from Pocket Money Polishes has written me a wonderful guest post!

Normal blogging will resume shortly, but for now, here’s Charlotte’s post!

———————————————————————————————————————— Continue reading

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31 Day Challenge – Day 19


I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, so I’m super excited to show you guys! Its a typical galaxy/nebula manicure, but I always thought they looked so cool and its the first one I’ve ever done!


Continue reading

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31 Day Challenge – Day 16 & 17


I’ve done a lot with tribal and glitter before they’re two of my favourite nail styles, you can find my other glitter manicures on my blog but there are too many to list!

So here are my tribal inspired nails..


Continue reading

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31 Day Challenge – Day 15


I have just ordered a Konad stamp because I have lots of Konad plates but no stamp to be able to use them! I thought that this would be the perfect use of the stamps to create a delicate print however the stamp didn’t turn up in the post today so I had to think of something a bit different!

So instead of a delicate pattern, what about something delicate on my nails, like real flowers!


  Continue reading

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