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31 Day Challenge – Day 22

Before I start this post I’d just like to show you all the state of my nails at the moment. 

I got to a stage where my nails were really long, you can see them at their longest on the water marble post, and although I adored them they were too impractical for me. I’m sure those of you with touch screen phones understand what I’m saying, I was finding it so hard to even type let alone do anything else because I was too afraid of breaking my nails. 

So I had to make the heart breaking decision to cut them 😦 BUT I also love my short nails and short nails are very in fashion at the moment, seen on celebrities the likes of Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian! I had to trim them again today because a couple of my nails had grown super long again, which you can see on the picture below..

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Guest Post – Pocket Money Polishes

Hey everyone!

As you may already know I have been having some issues this week regarding a camera that I don’t have so I can’t take photos of my manicures, BIG problem! Thankfully, Charlotte from Pocket Money Polishes has written me a wonderful guest post!

Normal blogging will resume shortly, but for now, here’s Charlotte’s post!

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Pre Spring Challenge Day 11

Like the fool I am, I left ALL of my nail polishes at uni this weekend when I went home (hand over face)!

So here’s part 11 of the pre Spring Challenge, which has already finished, that’s how far behind I am! Oops!


I did struggle with beach but finally decided on a half cling film/saran wrap manicure.


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Pre Spring Challenge Day 1

This is a little late, haha, but I spoke to Louise at Mommy Loves Nail Polish and she said the more the merrier!

The first challenge is YELLOW!

So I took my inspiration from the yellow dress that I found on Pinterest.


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