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Pre Spring Challenge Day 9


This challenge suited me down the the ground, with so many colours in my nail varnish bag its hard to chose just one! I got to use them all in the mani and I got to use my new dotting tools!


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5, 6, 7, 8!

So I haven’t actually been able to get on to my laptop for 2 days, long story, but don’t worry, this is good news for you lucky people because you get 4 manicures for the price of 1!

Pre Spring Challenge Updates

Although the challenge is over now, what a great challenge it has been with so much inspiration from so many bloggers, I started late and therefore I am going to carry on, and try and post a couple of challenges each day!

I have managed to complete the next 4 days of the challenge in 1 day! It’s definitely been a long day!

Day 5 – Sky


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Splatter manicure!

Today’s mani is a messy one (in a good way)!

I’ve done a splatter manicure before, and I really liked the random effect it gives your nails, the hardest art was choosing the colours! With so many polishes now, I don’t know what to chose!

In the end I decided that I’d show you a couple of my new polishes and do something a bit different!

The first colour That I wanted to share with you is this gorgeous teal polish by City Colour creatively named ‘Dark Green’. This polish has a metallic blue/green finish and 2 coats applied brilliantly and gave an opaque finish. You all ¬†know by now how much I LOVE my Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat so I added a coat of that, and it looks gorgeous!


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I painted Alice’s Nails!

So when I’m bored at uni I ask people if they want their nails done, and Alice was my first guinea-pig! I’m only used to doing my own nails so this was a challenge for me, but I’m really happy with the outcome!


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Ikat Print Manicure!

Yesterday I finally hit 100 followers on twitter! So to continue with my celebration I’ve created a manicure that I’ve been really excited about for ages, the ikat print!

Here’s some examples of ikat in fashion etc, you’ve probably seen it before.


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Strictly Come Dancing Nails #2

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted for a couple of days (uni deadlines are approaching!) but here is the second part of my five Strictly Come Dancing special manicures!

Does anyone remember this dress? Natalie Lowe wore this for the Argentine Tango she danced with her celebrity partner Michael Vaughan.

Natalie Lowe Argentine

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