The Toolkit

Happy New Year!

My leopard print, red, matte nails went down brilliantly with my boyfriend’s family last night, and they all asked me how I’d done them. So today I thought I’d create this page to share my basic nail toolkit.

The first thing I always start with is my Cath Kidston nail kit, its the perfect size for carrying round in case of a manicure emergency, and its super cute!


I think most of those tools need no explanation, and I hardly use the tweezers but they come in handy if I notice a stray eyebrow hair, haha! The Metal file is something that I only use in emergencies, when I’m shaping my nails for a manicure I always use a glass file, contrary to belief glass files are not expensive, you can buy them from most beauty shops for very little. Bodycare is my favourite shop for affordable beauty products, but you can find them in almost every store!

Here’s mine, nothing fancy, but it’s softer than a metal file or emery board and helps maintain nail strength.


The next nail prep tool I use is a filing block. It has 4 sides with different surface roughness that cover all the stages of preparing your nails for a stunning manicure!


As I mentioned above I rarely use the file side but it comes in handy in emergencies. My favourite sides are the buff and shine, they make your nails feel soft and silky and ready for painting!

Now for the best and most important tool, THE POLISH!


These are just a few of my favourites! (From left to right)

Technic – Pretty pastels in Lilac

No 17 – Fast finish in Purple Jewel

Colour Unlimited – Neon collection in Coral

Colour Unlimited – Glitter collection in Turquoise

Rimmel – I Love Lasting Finish in Tangy Tangerine

Along with the Polishes I find it useful to have some different shaped brushes  in case I fancy doing some makeshift nail art as a change from a regular Manicure. I bought my brushes from WHSmith and they are just regular paint brushes so don’t feel like you have to go out and spend loads of money on fancy nail art brushes when regular paint brushes to the job just as well! I won’t recommend any shapes or sizes, just pick the ones that are right for you!


And finally, what’s the point in spending a lot of time getting your manicure perfect, if you’ve got marks on your cuticles? That’s right I’m talking about the dreaded clean-up! Cleaning your cuticles can be a painstaking job, but I like to have a bottle of nail varnish remover (any cheap one will do!) and a paint brush to remove any marks you may have left behind!

Other things I like to have on hand when I’m doing my nails are tape (makes the clean-up less stressful!), a couple of pieces of kitchen roll or cotton pads to wipe your brushes on and any nail art equipment you may have, for times when you just can’t decide on one design!

Hope this has helped everyone and feel free to leave any questions in the comments box!

P.S. Sorry about the wordy post, but here’s something to lighten the mood a picture of my dog, Molly, Mid-Yawn!



3 thoughts on “The Toolkit

  1. Nail Luxxe says:

    Thanks for the tip about the brushes, was wondering where to get them. Off to WHSmith I go 🙂

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